Sunday, March 2, 2014

Julie Nutting dolls - more and more new stuff!

It's snowing outside today, but the roads aren't that bad.  This would be a great day to pop into the store and see what's new!  And don't forget, I'm teaching pop-up cards at 1 pm today and there's still plenty of spots if you want to join this class.  Yes, normally, we ask that you sign up in advance, but every now and then we'll offer something where you can just walk in and join the is that day!  1-3 pm.  $18.00

I LOVE Julie Nutting stamps and we just got in all the very latest!  If you want them, call the store at 719-275-2526!    Just tell us what you want!

Accessories - give every doll a crown!  :o)

Becky - she's the first one that I HAD to have!  Can't you just visualize all the cute Colorado Cowgirl things you can make with her???  And look at that skirt....just waiting for some copic shadowing!

Priscilla - I'd say she's a bit prissy with those thigh high stockings!

Mindy - hey! I knew a Mindy once and she sort of had hair just like this!  Wonder if she was the model for this stamp!

Megan - I can't wait to shade the folds in her skirt.  She just looks like she's having fun!

Little Girl - another one that I can just see popping off a scrapbook page!

I forgot these 2 images earlier in the blog so have edited this to include them now:

This is Aurora - she's off to the prom!

Here's SeaSallie - she's swimming under the sea!

Metal charms - a must have.  You could use these on so many different things....just plain cute!

Hancock Park printed tag pack - 48 tags, 15" x 8 1/2"

Aqua tag pad - solid colors sort of mottled.  Love all of these!

New Pueblo West school paper is in!  This is perfect for spring school projects.  But hey!  I'm never current with scrapbooking any of my photos so if you're like me....any day is a great day to scrap school stuff!

And sketch pads.  What's up with that?  Are we becoming an art store???  Stay tuned for our Thursday surprise coming in April!  Best stock up now while you can!!! Mums the word until April!!!

Never fear - we still love our scrapbook paper and this new camping paper is just in.  Aren't you ready for the weather to warm up so we can all get outside???

Love it when new product gets here!  I can't think of a better day than today to go do a little shopping!  I'll meet you at the store as soon as I can get myself ready!

Jen - with Fay & Rhonda wondering what's up in April!  LOL!!!

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