Saturday, February 15, 2014

Come in and see our NEW look!!!

If you haven't been in the store in the past couple of weeks, you are in for a great surprise!  We've "remodeled"!!!

We now have a WALL of paper!!!  Did you know we had this many paper racks in the store???  The small triangle out front is all the white, black, brown, tan, cream paper - plus specialty papers like glitter, glitz, etc.

We've moved the cash register and added a small demo table out front.  Want to see how something is done?  Come in on Thursdays and Jen will be happy to demo most anything for you!

We've moved all the embellishments down the long hall.  And we're not done with this yet...more changes coming in the near future!  Be sure to stop and check out all the layouts on the walls - hope they inspire you to be even more creative!

We've added shelves to display product - trying to get as much as we can up to where you can easily see it and find what you want.  Note the classes board - filling up fast!  Click here to see what's scheduled.  We will be working on March's calendar this weekend, so if you are interested in teaching ANY kind of art related class (sewing, decoupage, glass, wood, leather) come see us this weekend!  On top of the shelves are art projects and class much to look at!!!

We've added a few things to jog your memory.....after all, that's our name - Design u'r Memories!  And yes, the hoosier has a flour bin that is intact and in perfect working order!  But look close....we keep our flowers in the "flower" bin!!!

Did you know the store had so much ribbon?  And we've added a new rack since this photo was taken yesterday morning!  And how about that adorable hand-painted kids table?  What's that there for?  Well, we are going to start an American Girl Doll club for kids and maybe a Build-a-bear club as well.  They can come do a craft, have a cupcake and more!  Forget the kids - who wants a doll & bear club for grown-ups???  :o)

And just wait til you see the changes in the classrooms!  Hope you'll stop by soon to check us out!!!

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See you soon!

Jen, Rhonda & Faye

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